UPC 150 Super Floor Finish

Product Description

UPC 150 (Super Floor Finish) is a zirconium metal complexed floor finish that is detergent, dirt and abrasion resistant, and scrubbable. Super Floor Finish provides a high gloss finish within 15 minutes of drying time and has outstanding durability. It is water resistant and can be applied using a cotton string mop, and it is free of alkali.



  • Scrubbable Floor Finish
  • Excellent Detergent Resistance
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • High Gloss


  • Concrete Warehouses
  • Epoxy Floors
  • Polished Concrete
  • Business Lobbies
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble Floors
  • Ceramic Floors
  • Stone


  • 1 Gallon Units
  • 5 Gallon Units

Physical Properties

Boiling Range 100° C
Vapor Pressure 77° F
Volatility 85
Solubility Yes
Specific Gravity 1.034
Vapor Density N/A
pH 8.5
Evaporation Rate Slower than Ether
Physical Description Clear water white or artificially colored liquid with characteristic odor



HMIS Ratings

HMIS Ratings

Application Instructions

  1. Thoroughly strip floor removing all dirt and old wax or finish.
  2. Rinse floor thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  3. Pour Super Floor Finish into a clean galvanized pail and use a clean cotton string mop. Dip the mop into finish and wring out lightly.
  4. Apply two or three coats of Super Floor Finish, depending on how porous the floors are and the amount of gloss desired. Use a liberal amount of material on each coat, but avoid puddling or applying thick and heavy coats.
  5. Allow 20-30 minutes for finish to dry between coats, so that water is completely evaporated from film for harder finish.


Daily Maintenance:

Sweep with treated mop or cloth as required.


Regular Maintenance:

Damp mop as needed with 1 ounce cleaner to gallon of water to clean traffic areas. Do not use ammoniated cleaners unless complete removal is desired.



To remove light surface marks, buff with a polishing brush or nylon buffing pad.


Maintenance of Badly Soiled Areas Due to Extreme Heavy Traffic such as on White or Light Floors:

Spray-buff with solution of Super Floor Finish reduced, 1 part Super Floor Finish to 1 part water. Use less water where more film is desired. Spray-buff only with Super Floor Finish.


Consult UPC 150 material safety data sheet. Keep away from children. Keep closed when not in use.